Women comprise 51% of the population, if challenged on an intellectual level they are a force to reckon with. But unfortunately women in Pakistan are not given space to be what they want to be. We as society like to see women as victims. Women who exercise their will, and demand equal rights to co exist... make us uncomfortable. So what do we do, first we make women suffer, because of our patriarchal ways, then we became their saviour and wallow with them in their misery. We can be sympathetic to their cause, but cannot become empathetic to their needs.

With so much negativity being projected on the media regarding women it’s high time that we project women who by their sheer will had made a place for themselves. These women, who we call successful and emancipated, have reached this place by not denying what they are. No doubt that they suffered but they had not made their suffering their nemesis. Rather they have embraced their life with vigour and enthusiasm.

One such woman, we celebrated is Noor Shakir, who raised her children singlehandedly after her husband died some twenty five years back.  Noor not only worked full time as an academician but also managed her house and her children in a manner which is exemplary. Alone fighting property disputes and hostile relation who turned their back on her in time of need, Noor still retains her youth and vitality. With her children happily settled here and abroad, Noor travels excessively to spend quality time with her children and grandchildren. She is vibrant and fun to be with, and exude a positivity which is quite contagious. 

“Ideas for Life Trust” considers her a role model for all the women who face adversity and come out of it with their sanity and self intact.  Noor Shakir is currently associated with Ideas for Life Trust (IFLT) as  Advisor, Girls’ Education. We are proud of her commitment and association with IFLT.  


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