An Evening with Rotary Club International

The director of Ideas for Life Trust, Sadaf Raza read her poetry on women issues in a program arranged by Rotary club International Metropolitan, Islamabad. She talked about gender inequality, and discrimination, domestic violence, and general state of affairs regarding women and child rights.

Little Helping Hands

Ideas for Life Trust arranged a program for the Victims of Japans earth quake and tsunami on March 29, 2011. Children representing various schools in Rawalpindi wrote their messages for the children of Japan.  Children who saw the picture of devastation, brought by tsunami felt deeply for the people who suffered in this disaster, they expressed their sorrow and pain, and wrote heartfelt messages.

Omar Mitha from Beacon House (Grade 2) wrote, “Our prayers are with you lets heal this wound with lots of love”.

Zainab Shakil from Saint Mary’s school (Grade 3) wrote, “You are not alone we share your grief”.

Abbas Mustafa from City School (Grade 4) wrote, “I hope our love will lessen your pain”.

Hira Saquib from Army Public School (Grade 5) wrote, “May God give you strength to bear this”

The activity started with Abbas Mustafa, explaining to the children by drawing on the white board how Tsunami devastated the coastal cities of Japan.
Later, children worked in groups and wrote their messages on the chart papers.
A thirty second silence was also observed by the children for the victims of Earthquake and Tsunami.

The activity concluded with children putting their hand prints to show solidarity with the children in Japan.

Black ribbon week, in solidarity with Mukhtaran Mai

On 21st April 2011, Supreme Court of Pakistan upheld an earlier judgment of the Lahore High Court and acquitted five out of the six accused in the Mukhtaran Mai rape case.

In a society where every oppressor’s strength is the silence of the oppressed, Mukhtaran Mai dared to speak out. Her voice gave many other women like her courage to stand up for their rights.

Though Mukhtaran Mai lost her case due to faulty investigation by the police and loopholes in the legal system and her rapists may be free, yet her case has been a ray of hope in the struggle for the rights of women and marginalized groups of society in Pakistan. Her resolve to help support and educate Pakistani women and girls through Mukhtar Mai Women’s Welfare Organisation and other initiatives will stand as beacon of hope for the women of Pakistan in the struggle for their rights.   

Ideas for Life trust observed a black ribbon week, in order to show solidarity with Mukhtaran Mai, from  Monday, April 25. to 1st May.    

We acknowledge the support of our colleagues and associates from the civil society organizations and local and international NGOs, for becoming part of the Black ribbon week campaign.

Media campaign,
Sadaf Raza the director of Ideas for life trust, talked about Gender based violence, domestic violence and Early girls marriage on a program hosted by LightsAsia TV channel Aaj Baat Ho gi (Both the programs aired in January)  She stressed the need for women emancipation in all walks of life and fostering girls self esteem through positive message. She advocated tight legislation to curb the practice of early girls’ marriage by adhering to the legal age, and its verification by the birth certificate issued by the district council.

A session with the women in Rawalpindi
Ideas for life conducted an evening with mothers on Child Sexual abused. In a two hours session Mrs. Sadaf Raza, director of ideas for life trust engaged women on the issue of child abuse, from been a taboo to all its misconception. Women were encouraged to initiate dialogue with their children on this issue and look for signs of abuse.
Understanding child sexual abuse and dealing with it in a timely manner, empowers parents and children. Children who share with parents the incidence of abuse are less likely to develop, psychological problems later in life.
Following areas were discussed during the program
How to prevent your child from becoming a victim?
How to identify, if your child has been abused?
How to cope/ live with emotional fallout of child sexual abuse?

The black ribbon campaign 

Black Ribbons were distributed in Bahria University as part of the Black Ribbon campaign to show solidarity with Mukhtaran Mai.

Flyers were supplied all over the university and the students as well as teachers were briefed about the issue. Students were made more aware of the issue and different perspectives were discussed. The black ribbons were to be worn by the students for a week as a sign of support.



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