At Ideas for life, we believe that sharing is caring

So share your ideas as they are always welcome and could help us in the planning and the execution of our project; every thought counts if it is for a worthy cause so share and ask others to be a part of our extended family.

You can also share in deed and kind. Voluntary work is not over rated, not at Ideas for Life Trust, we believe in the spirit of volunteerism, and all of us have dedicated years of our lives to social change, sometimes working in the mainstream at others on the side lines, without any reward or expectation. So we are the right judge of your potential, tell us how and in which area you want to help and we will make best use of your time and potential.

We also believe that nothing should get wasted, old clothes, toys, furniture, perishable and imperishable items both. Instead of throwing your old stuff away pack them in different bags with tags and deposit them at our office.

With perishable items, (food stuff) please make sure that they reach us well before the expiry date, same is the case with medicine, also make sure that the medicine you are giving is properly packed in original packing (has the patent and generic name) , not expired and is not spurious.

The biggest plague of modern times is the imbalance between the affluent and the marginal communities. Pakistan is no exception, however on the positive note, our people are blessed with spirit of giving, and as a country we rank fourth in indigenous charity, but the real question is why is it that so much is given and so little reaches the people who really deserve it.

We believe that every cent and every penny and every rupee you give to us as charity, is our responsibility, till it reaches the place where you want it to be spent.

So whenever you donate to “Ideas for life trust” fill in the form and specify the area where you want your money to be spent.

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