In a society where oppressor's strength is the silence of the oppressed, Mukhtaran Mai dared to speak out. Her voice gave many other women like her courage to stand up for their rights.

Ideas for life trust consider Mukhtaran Mai a symbol of courage and resilience for women and other marginalised groups in Pakistan. We recognise her continued struggle to seek justice even in the bleak scenario surrounding Rape law.

Ideas for Life Trust observed a black ribbon week from Monday, April 25-1st May.

The ribbons were distributed in INGOS, and NGOS and relevant departments of public and private Universities. We acknowledge the support of our colleagues and associates for becoming part of the Black ribbon week campaign.

Black Ribbons were distributed in Bahria University as a protest against the supreme courts decision to exonerate the culprits regarding Mukhtaran Mai's rape trail.

Flyers were supplied all over the university and the students as well as teachers were briefly briefed about the issue. Students were made more aware of the issue and different perspectives were discussed.The black ribbons were to be worn by the students for a week to show their resilience regarding the matter.

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